Complete Control Of The Interface
We've included the ability for developers and designers to edit the FLVplayer interface in many ways. Use the component inspector to change colors, transparencies, and even display modes. Enhance user experiences by controlling when and where the interface is displayed.
Turn Interface Items On & Off
Use our dynamic interface system to reconfigure the FLVplayer navigation. All of the controls are fully customizable to match any websites or projects needs. Whether you need a simple video player with controls such as Play and Stop, or a more feature rich video player with needs such as our advanced menu system, closed captions, and video titles and descriptions, FLVplayer can suit all of your needs
Rounded Corners
Need a more Web 2.0 look to go along with your new website or project? We thought it would be nice to have an option to turn on corners within the video player. With one click, you can easily switch between sharp and rounded corners.
Custom Skinning
If you don't like to use default skin graphics, or maybe you already know how you want your video player to look, you can take customizing FLVplayer to the next level. Create your own custom looking skins for all of the interface options included with FLVplayer, and still keep all of its advanced functionality. In a few easy steps you can create a custom look for all of your unique projects.