What is a FLV file?

FLV or Flash Video was developed by Adobe Systems primary for its Flash Player and has been used by many video and streaming services over the years,
however since it has been officially discontinued many developers have now dropped it in favor of other options.
You can still find videos using the FLV format around the Internet, some such files can also be embedded in SWF files.

Note:FLV files are commonly know as Flash Video files, however Adobe has renamed the Adobe Flash Professional to Animate so you might also see them referred to as Animate Video files.

How to open or play them?

The FLV format is not a standard one for any modern PC. In order to play such file you will need an additional player like:

There are other popular players that support the format or can support it providing you can add the necessary codec.

On mobile devices you can try PlayerXtreme Media Player which is available through Google Play for Android or iTunes for iOS.

Converting an FLV file to commonly supported format

There are multiple free file converters for FLV to other formats that are recognizable on most if not all platforms.
Here are few options that we recommend: